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Degreaser 750 is an effective highly concentrated solvent free degreaser that is mild to the user and environment. The product contains Bio Gen Active® a 100 % natural health and environmentally optimized substrate derived from whey and a silicone-based defoamer.

  • Beneficial to the microbes in internal waste water treatment systems 

  • Removes asphalt, asphaltenes, diesel, drilling muds, crude with paraffin and similar tough hydrocarbons

  • Typical Applications:

             Process Equipment    

             Heat Exchangers

             Drilling Rigs 

             Storage Tanks

             Pipelines with Paraffins

  • Degreaser 750 targets petroleum-based wax (paraffin). It has a micro emulsion character and is good at softening and dissolving hydrocarbons (before the pig or before thorough rinsing).



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